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Mystische Balladen entführen in eine andere Welt.

Das Doppelalbum zu  DAS ERBE DER RUNEN mit dem Titel LEGACY OF RUNES  ist unter dem Label Sbc (Sony BMG) erschienen.

Inspiriert von ursprünglichen Klängen und Instrumenten trägt die Musik zurück zu den Wurzeln und bindet zugleich Zeitgemäßes ein.

Die junge Sängerin, Anna Kristina, prägt mit ihrer Stimme die mystischen Soundtracks.
Produzent: Gunther Laudahn

»Golden Wings «

Sbc (Sony BMG)


CD1: 13 Fantasy-Songs
CD2: 17 Fantasy-Instrumentals

13 Fantasy-Songs und 17 Fantasy-Instrumentals entführen in eine andere Welt.

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CD 1


CD1: 13 Fantasy-Songs gesungen von Anna Kristina

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01 Cloaked in Darkness 3.21 text
02 Gaelithil 4.25 text
03 Doe Moon 4.14 text
04 Velvet Shadow 3.33 text
05 Dream on 3.55 text
06 Lean on me 3.39 text
07 Lacrimosa 4.07 text
08 Far away 4.10 text
09 Beyond the Veils of Time 3.30 text
10 Child in Time 2005 3.49 text
11 It seems like only Yesterday 3.19 text
12 The Wind cries silver Tears 4.20 text
13 Golden Wings 3.25 text




CD 2


CD2: 17 Mystische Instrumentals

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01 Legend of Heroes – Prologue 2.22
02 Shannon Doe 3.17
03 Whispers of Hope 1.02
04 Burn on Fire 3.35
05 Sadness in your Eyes 1.40
06 Scarborough Fair 3.34
07 Forgotten Dreams 2.07
08 The Magician 1.26
09 Between the Mountains 1.07
10 The invisible Caravan 4.08
11 A Tale untold 3.47
12 With Falcon’s Eyes 1.55
13 Mystic Dreams 2.14
14 Spirit of the Light 3.50
15 The magic Spell 3.43
16 Beyond the Horizon 4.20
17 Legend of Heroes – Epilogue 3.33




music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Drawn from deep in the night,
Cloaked in darkness, fed with light,
Born of fire, cast in flame,
Evil searches for a name.

Spell is cast binding life,
Damn the world to pain and strife,
Hope is lost, eyes are blind,
Fear invades the poisoned mind, poisoned mind.

Cloaked in darkness - cloaked in darkness
Cloaked in darkness.

Yet like spring born anew,
Hope is waxing bright and true,
Standing tall, human child,
Full of promise, free and wild.

Sacred drums call the strong,
Trust and courage banish wrong,
Drawing deep from the source,
Keep us steady on our course, on our course.

Cloaked in darkness - cloaked in darkness
Cloaked in darkness

Waning moons deathly pale,
Tell a tragic hero’s tale,
Breath of ice, mortal sigh,
Laying slowly down to die.



music and lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Dancing over silver water,
Gaelithil Elven daughter,
Caught a moon beam as it wandered
Lost in woodlands dark as coal.

Breathing deep the daylight fading,
Gaelithil Elven maiden,
Laughed as evening kissed horizons
Streaked in crimson, touched in gold.

One thread woven to another,
Gaelithil Elven mother,
Planted seed of magic sowing
Mortal mists to bind the foe.

Living spell that never ceases,
Gaelithil Elven priestess,
Travelled over time and bound’ries,
To a far and distant home.

Ever bound to magic heartland,
Gaelithil Elven legend,
Grant protection through your children,
Magic weaver hear our call.



music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Doe Moon, Fawn Moon, graces on a painted sky,
Evening rain, ease your pain, for the gentletears you cry,
Waltz across the heavens, search beyond the night,
Doe Moon, Fawn Moon, don’t stop to wonder why.

Doe Moon, Fawn Moon, daylight sends you far away,
Secret place lost in space, where you slumber none can say,
Come again with twilight, will he still be there?
Stag Sun, bright one, they follow you each day.

Circle beyond the shores of time,
Captives in an endless dance,
Tied to the laws of Grandma Earth,
Nothing left to whim or chance.

Doe Moon, Fawn Moon, silver, copper, bright and fair,
Hope ahead, where you tread, magic fills the evening air,
Never give up trying, never slow your pace,
One day, they say, you’ll find him waiting there.



music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Velvet shadow, midnight blue,
Dusk enfold in purple hue,
Winding path through cavern old,
Breath of magic tale untold.

Search the memory of time,
Bring to light forgotten rhyme,
Hidden deep in age-old verse,
Question asked in myth immersed.

Broken dream and mind unclear,
Fading hope gives rise to fear,
Seek for council reaching hand,
Called to take a final stand.

See the rising star guiding from afar,
Trail of silver showing you the way.
Where the river flows, where the moonlight glows
Listen closely, hear the voices say....

Velvet shadow midnight blue,
Dusk enfold in purple hue,
Winding path through cavern old,
Breath of magic tale untold.



music and lyrics: Gunther Laudahn


Can you feel the shadow coming
Quiet in the night
As you‘re laying in your dreams
It touches you inside

Don‘t wake up so you can close the
Gate to the unknown
Demon spirit in a mirror
Where dark blossoms grow

Over time and space
Over the black sea
Can you hear me calling
Will you come to recue me

…ohh dreamer, dream on…

Can you feel the sunrise coming
Chase away your dreams
Rays of light erase your memorieas
Life goes on - it seems

Be aware - this day is fading to another night
When again the darkness rises you might loose this fight

…ohh dreamer, dream on…



music and lyrics: Gunther Laudahn


When the morning comes and the night is done
And the colours will bleed into one

Will I find you here? Will you dry my tears?
Will you say, this has only just begun!

Lean on me…

When the evening calls and the darkness falls
And the winter is cold and makes us freeze

Will you hold my hand when i feel the end,
When I go where you cannot follow me?

Lean on me…
Lean on me…

In the sky above flies a snowwhite dove
Calling freedom to chase away my fear

Eyes are open wide, courage does not hide
You will find what you‘re looking for right here

Lean on me…
Lean on me…

When the morning comes and the night is done
And the colours will bleed into one

Will I find you here? Will you dry my tears?
Will you say, this has only just begun!



music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Xaver Süssmayr,
Gunther Laudahn, Richard Kula,
lyrics: Tommaso da Celano


Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus

Huic ergo parce, Deus
Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona eis requiem. Amen

Deutsche Übersetzung:
Tag der Tränen, Tag der Wehen,
Da vom Grabe wird erstehen
Zum Gericht der Mensch voll Sünden;

Lass Ihn, Gott, Erbarmen finden.
Milder Jesus, Herrscher Du,
Schenk den Toten ew‘ge Ruh. Amen



music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


I close my eyes and I can see,
See a river carry me far away.
An open heart that sets me free,
Whispered magic carry me far away.
Secret realm of twilight hues,
Hidden path and distant views,
Ancient spring of wisdom found anew,
Feet that barely kiss the ground,
Wing of eagles homeward bound,
Rise and vanish like the morning dew.

Far away… Far away…

In the quiet space I feel,
Spirit legend carry me far away,
A secret tune that sets me free,
New enchantment carry me far away,
Crystal glow in caverns deep,
Half awakened half asleep,
Lead the way to voices silent still,
Racing clouds on wind of light,
Chase away the fear of night,
Source of joy till I have found my fill.

Far away… Far away…



music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Looking at the world around me,
So much suffering and pain,
How to hope for bright tomorrows?
Everything is so insane.
Even seeing all the beauty,
Mother Nature on display,
Selfish hearts destroy the wonder,
But there is a price to pay…

Hey, hey, beyond the veils of time, (bis)
Reaching out to friends around me,
See the sadness in their eyes,
How to look beyond illusions,
Finding truth behind the lies?
Do I have the strength to show them
Courage for the endless road?
Share the melody that lingers,
Lighten heart and heavy load.

Yes I hear a tune arising,
Far beyond the veils of time,
Calling me to live a new way,
Dancing on a voice sublime.
As I reach out past the shadows,
Crystal laughter fills the air,
In a land where love awakens,
To a day of beauty rare.

Hey, hey, beyond the veils of time


10. Child in Time 2005

Written and composed by: Lord/Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Piace
© EMI Music Publishing
B. Feldman & Co. t/as hec Music Ltd




music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


It seems like only yesterday,
The path lay clear ahead,
No doubts or anguish filled my mind,
No fear of pain, no dread.

It seems like only yesterday,
My heart was open wide,
Embracing mighty ocean waves
Before the turning tide.

It seems like only yesterday,
The clouds grew dark and grey,
The thunder spoke with mighty words,
But what I could not say, I could not say…

It seems like only yesterday,
The truth at last revealed,
The sorrow of my heedless steps,
The fate of many sealed.

It seems like only yesterday,
But time can not turn round,
I can not change one moment past,
My destiny is bound,
My destiny is bound.



music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Silver tears awake the morn,
Whispers ripple through the leaves,
Sadness fills the rise of daybreak,
Heart that for a lover grieves.

On the wind a spoken word,
Softly did my lover call,
Memories like summer linger,
Ecstasy before the fall.

And the wind cries silver tears...
And the wind cries silver tears...

Rainbow spun of crystal light,
Tapestry of silken garn,
Time and fate forever bonded,
Hold my lover safe from harm.

And the wind cries silver tears...
And the wind cries silver tears...



music: Gunther Laudahn, lyrics: Osanna Vaughn


Soaring, gliding, flow on a stream,
Like a rising star, like a mem‘ry far, lost dream,
Sailing on a wind of change, over mountain range, high.
Deep in the night, golden wings spreading in flight.

Wheeling, feeling light as a breeze,
On a crystal morn, skim on dark forlorn deep seas
Diving through a painted sky, hear a lonely cry, low.

One day, I may follow you there,
To another shore, to a place of more freedom,
Seeing with a falcon‘s eyes, ever-changing skies, far.
Where did you go?



music (tracks 1-17): Gunther Laudahn

music (tracks 4, 10, 14, 15):
Gunther Laudahn and Richard Kula
lyrics: (track 10) Osanna Vaughn




We would like to thank Richard Kula (string arrangements), Boris Matchin, Hagen Kuhr, Hanno Kuhns, Dana Anca, Tim Warburton (strings), Ariane Jost, the chorus „Priest of Allanish“, Torsten Reinecke, Sabine Polap (for believing in our dream), the Mastering Studio Boogie Park and Master&Servant for their great work and energy during the last 3 years that made this album possible.


We would also like to thank Monika Felten, Caroline Fischer, Nicole Peters, Thorsten Eichhorst, Da Wilkens, Kristian Peetz for their support and friendship during the creation and development of Legacy of Runes.


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